New elected president of Hmong Service Center (HSC) said the bank record show $130,000.00 dollars withdrew from the HSC’s bank account


(SHB) – February 1, 2015, Mee Yang, President of Hmong Service Center (HSC), and her executive team held a public meeting in Oshkosh, Wisconsin to update the latest finding of the $130,000.00 dollar withdrew from the HSC’s bank account.
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a0Click here to watch Suab Hmong News to get the full detail of Mee Yang’s report during the Oshkosh Hmong Community meeting on February 1, 2015.

Mee Yang said she now has the evidence from the Bank record to show how the money generated from the Labor Day events have been used.

“In the past, Bee Lee said if we said Bee Lee used the money (generated from the Labor Day events), we need to proof it… Today we have the proof.   That is why we are calling everyone to come to hear the fact. We did not get these records for free. We used our power and financial to get these records.   This is how hard it was. And thank you everyone to be here to hear this. Let everyone know that based on the Bank record; since 2012 Bee Lee became the president of the Hmong Service Center until the end of 2013, Bee Lee withdrew cash from the Hmong Service Center’s bank account more than $135,000.00 dollars.  $135,000.00 dollars. He did not withdraw this amount at once. He started withdrew these cash after he came to the Hmong Service Center. Everyone knew that we do not have funding from other sources for the organization but from only the two Labor Day events. He started withdrew the cash when it get closer to the event (Labor Day event in Oshkosh, WI). Bee Lee started withdrew 400 to 500 to 700 to 800 dollar to 1000 to 3000 dollars. When getting closer to the Labor Day event that the Vendor boots started coming in, he withdrew 7-8-9-10,000 dollars. He withdrew 2 to 3 times per month. These are the truth based on the record from the Bank. All these cash withdraw were not someone else name but Bee Lee’s name and his signature on all of them. The 135,000.00 dollars were the amount deposited to the HSC Bank account and then withdrew without evidence on how these amount were used” said Mee Yang.

Mee Yang continued said that her team won all the cases in court. “First case in court June 2, 2014, we won… Second case in court on July 9, 2014, we won… the last case in court on January 9, 2015, we won too” said Mee Yang.

Watch Suab Hmong News by clicking on the link provided above to get the full detail on Mee Yang’s report at the Oshkosh Hmong Community Meeting on February 1, 2015.

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