New Rules affecting Sports and Vendors at 2015 Hmong Freedom Celebration in St. Paul, MN


SUAB HMONG NEWS — ChiaNeng Vang, CEO of Hmong Freedom Celebration or best known as Hmong July 4th Event, said the 2015 Hmong Freedom Celebration will be held at COMO Park on July 4th and 5th, 2015.

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Door admission fee will be $5.00 per person. Free door admission for anyone age 61 or older or child/children who is still in a child stroller.

There are new rules and regulations that are affecting all sports and vendors.

All sport players who wishes to play with his/her team at the 2015 Hmong Freedom Celebration must have experienced playing sport at Hmong tournament.   “All players must tell us if he/she have played sport at Hmong tournaments or help the Hmong community in the past.  Example, a soccer player, he/she must tell us that he/she had played soccer with a soccer team in the Hmong tournament in order for us to accept him/her to play at the 2015 Hmong Freedom Celebration.” Said ChiaNeng Vang.

“Any Vendors would like to sell products at the 2015 Hmong Freedom Celebration must attend a session with us on March 28, 2015 in order to get a sale permit from the City… All sport competitions must turn in their applications by June 28, 2015 and all Vendors must secure their sale space(s) by April 1, 2015. We will not sell vendor space after this date…” said ChiaNeng Vang.

ChiaNeng Vang continued say that there will be more enhancements to the opening ceremony programs to make it more attract to the spectators.

Watch Suab Hmong News exclusive interviewed ChiaNeng Vang, CEO of 2015 Hmong Freedom Celebration, to get the full detail information of 2015 Hmong Freedom Celebration.

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