NHGDC’s Fundraising in La Crosse, Wisconsin October 20, 2012


Milwaukee, WI — National Hmong Grave Desecration Committee (NHGDC) Wisconsin Chapter held a fundraising in La Crosse, Wisconsin on October 20, 2012. They sought to seek funding to support its vision and mission to prevent further digging of Hmong graves in Thailand.

Click here to watch Suab Hmong News exclusive covered NHGDC’s fundraising in La Crosse, Wisconsin on October 20, 2012.

Col. Ly Teng was the keynote speaker at the fundraising event. “We need to come together to support the committee. It is good for the name of the Hmong and our children for the future,” said Col. Ly Teng.

“The UN required us to get 77,000 signatures to proof the supporting of the Hmong community for the grave desecration. Currently we only have about 27,000 signatures,” said Houa Vang, Rep. NHGDC-Wisconsin Chapter. Houa Vang continued saying, “NHGDC’s goal is to raise $200,000 dollars. $90,000 dollars will be divided equally to three states, Wisconsin $30,000, Minnesota $30,000, and California $30,000.”

“We will need to find ways to help resolve this issue. I can not help financially but be able to help with other ways due to my current situation being in school,” said Megan Lee, Miss Hmong Minnesota 2011.

“I am very angry. The people are already dead and they are already buried in the ground… why did they have to dig up their bodies… I am very angry and I wanted the souls of the dead to rise up and take these people who dug the graves…” said one of the Hmong ladies whose husband had his body dug and taken away.

The exclusive video taken at the former Hmong Refugee camp sites in Thailand by Hmong Report and Suab Hmong News earlier in 2012, was shown at the NHGDC’s fundraising event as well.