Niam Me’s 75th Birthday Celebration


Among the majority of the Hmong elder generation in the Hmong community know her as “Niam Me”. She was one of General Vang Pao’s wife (back in Laos).   The Hmong community here in the United States and other countries respect her as one of a “Mother” for them beside May Song Vang, General Vang Pao’s wife. That’s why they call her “Niam Me” means “Mother May”. May is her actual name.

A 75th birthday celebration held in Sacramento, California for Niam Me on May 4, 2013.

Click here to watch Suab Hmong News special report by Hmong Report on the 75th Birthday Celebration for Niam Me on May 4, 2013.

Many of the Hmong leaders included General Vang Pao family members participated the celebration event.