On top of Phu Pha Thi in northern part of Laos

Phu Pha Thi, Laos

SUAB HMONG NEWS (02/01/2018) – Phu Pha Thi located in the Northern part of Laos in Houa Phan province. Phu Pha Thi high 5,860 feets (1786 m). It is about 25 miles from Sam Neua, the capital city of Houa Phan province, and about 100 miles from Dien Bien Phu, Vietnam. Phu Pha Thi best known throughout the world as Lima site 85. The site had been used as a military site by French colonialists until seized by the North Vietnamese in 1962, and the Hmong “Secret Army” recaptured the area and a Central Intelligence Agency airstrip was built by 1966.

CLICK HERE to watch Suab Hmong Special Report expedition to the top of Phu Pha Thi on November 21, 2017.

“At the time we went there, we counted the steps going from the base to the top total of 1,220 steps” said Richard Wanglue Vang, Executive Producer for Suab Hmong Broadcasting.

On the top of Phu Pha Thi, there are still some remaining equipment from the U.S.A. C.I.A. “We found an old remaining lifting car, some unexplode bombs, some helicopter parts, and some of the metal base of the Rada equipment” said Richard Wanglue Vang.

Based on unofficial information from the local, Phu Pha Thi will be open to tourist in early 2018. “We heard that they will open for tourist on mid-March 2018” said an anonymous.

Below are photos taken at Phu Pha Thi on November 21, 2017.