One of Hmong Religion, Poj Koob Yawm Ntxwv


SHIBC News followed up with one of Hmong newly religion “Poj Koob Yawm Ntxwv” which was established on 2006 in the United States.

a0Click here to watch SHIBC News covered one of Hmong Religion “Poj Koob Yawm Ntxwv” (PKYT) on February 16, 2013 in St. Paul, Minnesota.{sidebar id=1}

“We established Poj Koob Yawm Ntxwv since 2006 so this year is the 7th years… currently we have members at almost all states in the United States and we have branch in the Thailand as well… “ said Vang Lee Thou, Representing PKYT.

Vang Lee Thou continued said that the Hmong Clan name was not belong to the Hmong but branched from other race groups. Hmong Clan name created political issues with in the Hmong community. PKYT believed to use the family name three generation back to represent the name of the individual. “My name given at birth called “Xeev Xwm”, my father name “Mas”, and my grandfather name “Nom Yob” then my real name should be “Xeev Xwm Mas Nom Yob” said Vang Lee Thou.

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