Open Ceremony of Vang Pao Elementary School in Fresno, CA – September 8, 2012


Hmong Report News team covered the opening ceremony of Vang Pao Elementary school on September 8, 2012.

Song Vang, General Vang Pao’s wife, and Chinneng Vang, one of General Vang Pao’s son, thanks the Hmong community for their supports to make Vang Pao Elementary school possible.

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“So I would say we are so proud to be able to open this facility in our community representing… not just a community or states or national hero but I think a global leader… and what it means to put forward the important of education. General Vang Pao consistently for decades made education the main topic that he talked about with our youth…” said Michael E. Hanson, Superintendent at Vang Pao Elementary school.

“you know when I think about this building being here for decades and decades I think it is such fitting tributes for what he stood for and we just delight to honor his services to his people and to our country” said Ashley Swearengin, May City of Fresno.

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