Peace march seeking justice for Dylan Yang in Wausau, WI ready for 05/31/2016

SUAB HMONG NEWS (05/30/2016) – Touger Bennett Xiong and Paula Yang will lead Hmong from Minnesota with buses to Wausau, WI on May 31, 2016 to a peace march seeking justice for Dylan Yang.  Hmong from Wisconsin and other states will be coming to be participated the peace march on May 31, 2016 as well.
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a0CLICK HERE to watch Touger Bennett Xiong talked about how injustice for Dylan Yang
a0CLICK HERE to watch Paula Yang talked about the peace march
a0CLICK HERE to watch Dylan Yang parent talked about him
Touger Bennett Xiong said if Dylan Yang last name is not Yang, the verdict turned out differently.   “If Dylan last name is not Yang…  if his name was Dylan Robertson or Dylan Peterson or Dylan Smith and if he is a white, I think the newspaper would written very differently” said Touger Bennet Xiong.
Peter Vang and Anna Vue, parent of Dylan Yang, said the verdict is not fair for Dylan Yang.  “From the beginning, the court put him on trial as an adult (Dylan Yang is 15 years old) and sentenced him for 60 years, we as parent feel this is injustice for Dylan Yang” said Peter Vang, Dylan Yang father.
There will be buses depart from St. Paul, MN to Wausau, WI at 7:00am.  For more info, call Kolia Vang at 651-529-0433.
For other information on the peace rally seeking justice for Dylan Yang, call Kat Her at 952-529-0433 or Paula Yaj at 917-685-8879.
Suab Hmong News will be covering the peace march at Wausau, Wisconsin on May 31, 2016.