Rally protest calling justice for Sao Lue Vang December 5, 2014


Come stand in solidarity with us THIS Friday (December 5th) as we rise up to protest social injustice and racially based violence against the Hmong community.

This rally is a Hmong student-led and -organized rally. Although the catalyst for this rally is the Sao Lue Vang incident——http://www.wqow.com/story/27507455/2014/11/29/family-speaks-out-about-hmong-hunter-assault —– which was underreported in the news for nearly a month–we, as students, want to emphasize that this rally is not solely about justice for Sao Lue Vang but is also about social justice for all Hmong in Wisconsin. Its goal is to highlight the omnipresence of racism and the deleterious effects of racially based violence.

This Friday, we will send the following messages to the Pepin County Sheriff’s Department, the Pepin County District Attorney, and the local media:

(1) Hmong lives matter (2) The WI Hmong community will no longer tolerate anymore racially based violence (3) The WI Hmong community will be alert on and swift to respond to injustices committed against us.

Enough is enough! Unite NOW! We are coming together to to say no more violence against folks of color. We will no longer stand by silently and watch the justice system fail our people….


Meeting location: Tarrant Park in Durand, WI Time: 12:00pm Route: Tarrant Park to Pepin County Sheriff’s Department to Pepin County District Attorney

After the rally, we will be debriefing at UW-Stout. Location TBD.

The day of the rally is approaching us quickly so please get in touch with coordinators in your area regarding transportation and rally logistics.

*Here are some people organizing in your area whom you can contact directly to help mobilize your respective communities:

Shoua Yang- Menomonie; yangsh@my.uwstout.edu Mloog Lus Xiong- Eau Claire ; xiong.ml@uwec.edu Mai Xiong- Milwaukee; iammai.xiong@gmail.com Dorothy her – Minnesota; Her.dorothy@gmail.com Cua Xiong- Madison; cxiong8@wisc.edu Maggie xiong- La Crosse; xiong.yer2@uwlax.edu

Like our page at Hmong United for Justice: https://www.facebook.com/hmongunitedforjustice?notif_t=fbpage_admin