Richard Wanglue Vang’s Music Videos


“Tseem Nco Txog” was written by Atary Xiong back in early 80.  I re-arranged the music and put my vocal to it.  The music and the song flows is totally different from Atary Xiong’s version debuted on his first album in early 80.  The music video shot location in Thailand at Pattaya Beach.  We took a whole day to shoot the music video as you see on behind the scenes from the music video.

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to watch “Tseem Nco Txog” music video.  Written by Atary Xiong and music re-arranged and vocal by Richard Wanglue Vang

“Ua Siab Tso Cia” is a cover song I did from a Thai Country (Luktung) song title “”Warn Nee Ruk Wan Nee Luem”. The music video shot location in Thailand at ChathanaBouri, a 5 hours drive from Bangkok to South Eastern of Thailand.

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to watch “Ua Siab Tso Cia” music video.  Written and music re-arranged by Richard Wanglue Vang.

Many Suab Hmong fans asked me why I make an album out of my songs.  Well, I am too busy to do a complete music album.  Singing need a lot of energy and time but it is on my todo list so stay tune!