Richard Wanglue Vang’s new song debut on the Social Network


“Pom Koj Nag Hmo” translated in English as “Met You Yesterday” is the title of Richard Wanglue Vang’s new song he wrote many years ago.

“The song is about when you met someone yesterday that you really like and you keep thinking of her and wanted to meet and see her again and wish you could marry her…” said Richard Wanglue Vang.

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to watch the music video of the song ‘Pom Koj Nag Hmo”.

The persons you see on the music video are all actresses and actors.  All video footage shot at locations in Thailand.

Actress: Nat
Actor: Rick (Richard) W. Vang

Director: Rick W. Vang
Videography: Chen Yang and Rick W. Vang
Location Coordinator: Chen Yang

Editor: Rick W. Vang

Producer: Rick W. Vang

Song Lyric written by Rick W. Vang
Music composition and recorded by Rick W. Vang