Scholarships from NexVision Financial Group

SUAB HMONG NEWS (01/23/2017) – NexVision Financial Group will be provided six scholarships to students in 2017 and 2018.

to watch Suab Hmong TalkShow exclusive interview Kace Vang on the six scholarships and how to apply for them.
To qualify, you must be a customer or a policy holder through NexVision Financial Group.
“This year is our first year giving scholarships to students and to qualify, you must be a policy holder or a customer through NexVision Financial Group.  Either you bought a life insurance policy, auto policy, or any type of policy through our financial group.  And you or your children must be 17 to 25 years old who will be in college or still in undergraduate school” said Kace Vang, CEO/Founder of NexVision Financial Group.
The six scholarships divided into two pools.  The first pool scholarship will be giving during July 2017 and the second pool scholarship will be giving during January 2018.
To get detail information on the scholarships, contact NexVision Financial Group at 800-835-4550 (Do not contact Suab Hmong News).