Seeking financial support to find justice for Phia and Mai Vue

SUAB HMONG NEWS (08/16/2016) — Immediate family of Phia and Mai Vue are seeking your financial support to help them to find justice for Phia and Mai Vue.
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The following information taken from godfundme for Phia and Mai Vue:
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I am Vang Neng Vue, Phia Vue’s cousin.   Phia’s father is my uncle.  I am one of the two Vue family spokespersons.  Now that Phia is gone, I am taking his place, representing and speaking for Phia’s elderly parents.
First of all, thank you for donating to the first go-fund-me, which it helped us in giving Phia and Mai Kow each a proper traditional Hmong funeral on April 9-11 and 23-25, 2016.  Now that we have put Phia and Mai to rest in peace, we want justice for them.  Therefore, we will need your help as we are establishing a legal fund to fight for justice for Phia and Mai.  Our goal is to raise a minimum of $100,000 because we know that the killer’s defense attorney will do whatever it takes to deny justice for Phia and Mai.  Justice denied is justice delayed!
Any amount, small or large, will be used to fight for justice for Phia and Mai in the following manners:
We need to hire attorneys to help the family and community monitor and fight for justice for Phia, Mai K. and Jesus Manso-Perez.  Phia and Mai deserve to have the best legal team to ensure that justice is not denied for them.
The releasing of the souls or “tso plig” within a year is the last part in Phia and Mai’s traditional funeral service in order for their souls to reincarnate again.  In addition, your support will also help us purchase two head stones for their graves.
To be heard, we plan to hold community rallies as needed throughout all the court hearings.  Therefore, we will need funds to support the cost of staff to organize community rallies (rental space, equipment, office support, printing, transportation, meetings, mailing, and meals) to ensure there is justice for Phia and Mai.
To improve communication with you, our supporter, we will need resources for developing and maintaining a website.  The website will be a central communication place where you can learn about the status of each hearing, upcoming events, progress, and get in touch with the Vue family.   Check the status of this case at:
We anticipate that this case will be dragged in court for a long time, requiring countless court hearings.  This means family members, community volunteers, and supporters will be going to court constantly for many years to come.  While they give their time, we should lend them a hand.  Therefore, your support will help pay for transportation, parking, and meals for family members and community volunteers while they sit in all court hearings throughout the criminal proceeding of this case.  
We may be poor in resources but we are rich at heart.  As we stand firm to seek justice for Phia and Mai, we are seeking your financial support.  We ask that you to stand in solidarity with us to demonstrate that as a community, state, and nation, we will no longer tolerate such hate.  We will no longer cry in silence while innocent families are destroyed and evils of our society are tolerated and shielded by the so-called due process.  We demand justice; there must be justice!
While the Dan rests at night and wakes up to a new day, Phia and Mai will never see their children’s graduations, weddings, and baby showers.  We are going to do whatever it takes until justice is served because justice delayed is justice denied.
Please help circulate this go-fund-me to friends, families and communities in your circle of friends.  You may email us at or with any questions.
Thank you in advance for your support!
 Vang Neng Vue