SHIBC and HR Highlight Special Travel to Hmong Refugee Camps


by Richard Wanglue – Bangkok, Thailand — SHB and HR exclusive traveled to Hmong Refugee camps after More than 30 years.  These Refugee camps have closed and now filled with forest and farms to the Thai people.

“I missed the Hmong people… they came here to buy stuff from me all the time… I can not remember any Hmong name any more because it’s more than 20 years and I am old now…” said one of the Thai store owner at Hmong Refugee Camp Ban Nam Nyao.

There are four Hmong families now live at Wat Thamkrabot camp in Lopbory province.  “There is no program for us to go to the third country” said one of the remaining refugee at wat thamkrabot.

Click here to watch highlight of SHB and HR Travel to Hmong Refugee Camps.

There are Thai families now living at Ban Vinai camp.  The soccer field still use for playing soccer.  Hmong monuments created by Lee Xai (Lis Txais) still standing.  Most areas at Ban Vinai camp filled with corn fields.  A house view to down to the camp at the most known view mountain area called “10 baht”.

Stay tune for special exclusive of SHB and HR travel to Hmong Refugee camps after more than 30 years at KBTV Channel 8.1 in Sacramento, California and at SHIBC News Channel on YouTube.