SHIBC News follows up with Poj Koob Yawm Ntxwv to get critical questions answer


One of the Hmong newly religion Poj Koob Yawm Ntxwv (PKYNT) established in 2006 got attention in the Hmong community after SHIBC New covered it twice in 2012.

Many questions and comments have been posted on SHIBC News channel on YouTube with positive and negative. On March 16, 2013, SHIBC News followed up with Vang Lee Thou, the founder and writer of the PKYNT religion book, to get some of the critical questions answer.
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a0Click here to watch Paolee Vang, SHIBC News Corresponding in Minnesota, interviewed Vang Lee Thou and some of the PKYNT members on March 16, 2013.

Some of the critical questions are
1.       Why believed in a mother and what is it mean?
2.       Because PKYNT eliminated last name in the Hmong society and how is it impact the Hmong community as far as marriage goes?
3.       How PKYNT handling marriage ceremony?
4.       Who wrote PKYNT religion book?

And more…

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