SHIBC News update on the latest development of the death of Chue Lor, PaNhia Yang, and KongMeng Lee


by Richard Wanglue Vang

Milwaukee, WI — Qu Kue, Reporter for SHIBC News at the Minnesota branch, interviewed Thai Lee, Lee Clan Representative in Minnesota, to get answers to the questions that mostly everyone had after the killing took place.
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Thai Lee said that the reason why PaNhia’s last name (Yang) differs from her brother’s last name (Lee) is because PaNhia’s mother remarried a Lee after her previous marriage ended. PaNhia was the daughter of her mother’s previous husband (Yang) and KongMee Lee is the son of her current husband (Lee).

Thai Lee continued that Chue Lor and PaNhia Yang married in the Hmong culture since the year 2000 and they have four children. Chue Lor and PaNhia’s marriage problems began a couple years after they were married due to the couple’s short temper towards one another. This led to blaming each other for family problems that rose.

A funeral service will be held for KongMeng Lee on April 20, 2013 at Glenwood Funeral Home in Minneapolis, Minnesota. For more info, call Naopao Lee at 763-221-6193.

A funeral service has not been setup for PaNhia Yang due to the Hmong culture and tradition that the two Clans Lee and Lor have not come to a conclusion. Questions on this article, contact us at

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