Some Hmong tradition and custom believed forced others to find a new religion


SUAB HMONG NEWS (08/16/2016) – Paolee Vang, News Correspondent for Suab Hmong News, found the religion he believed that will set him and his family free from some of the Hmong Traditional Culture and Custom believed.

After 38 years, Paolee Vang found the new path in life that he always dream about from his younger age.

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Paolee Vang and his family are now member of the St. Paul Hmong Alliance Church in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Due to the many restrictions of Paolee Vang’s family circle Traditional Culture and Custom believed, Paolee Vang feared that they will follow him and his family members and create a major burden to them in the future.

“With in my “Vang” Clan (not all the VANG Clan) family circle, we have many unique tradition and custom restrictions; when we eat, the younger son’s wife cannot eat on the same table with the older brother(s) and father, we cannot put fruits with the foods we eat on the table at the same time, If I have a daughter and she married and then she divorced, she can come back to live with me but when she sick or passed away, I cannot have her body inside my house, these are just some of the major restrictions.  These restrictions are too much burden to me and my family that forced me to find a new way to free from them and that new way is to convert to believe in god” said Paolee Vang.

Paolee Vang continues said that it was very hard for him to cross over from his family Traditional Culture and Custom believed to the new religion because he was the only one of his “Vang” family circle to believe in god.

Note.  In the Hmong Clan system; the same Clan last name cannot marry eachother but for the same clan last name, there are many different Traditional Culture and Custom believed with in it; all Clan last names (Lee, Vang, Thao, Lor, Xiong, etc…) have sub group clans with in them. So even if your last name is LEE, you may not be the same LEE as other LEE.

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