Some of Hmong families’ life in Arkansas


SUAB HMONG NEWS (11/23/2015) — Early 2000, many Hmong families moved to many parts of the State of Arkansas to start their new life direction. Many of them still stay there and are success in what they are doing. Suab Hmong News followed up with some of these families to see how they are doing.

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Xeng Lor (Xeem Lauj) currently owned three farm buildings mainly use to produce chicken eggs. “I moved from St. Paul, Minnesota and I live here for 13 years” said Xeng Lor.

Xeng Lor said he earned around 150,000.00 dollars for one term (10 months) of producing chicken eggs from three of his farm buildings. “Depends on how many buildings you have to produce the eggs and if everything is going good.”

Chong Nhia Thao, owned a farm raising buffalos and other animals. “I moved here 2003”.   Chong Nhia Thao said he bought his buffalos from Texas and the surrounding areas. Most of his customers come and buy his buffalos are Hmong from close surrounding areas and some of them from the Northern part of the United States.

Nao Yia Thao owned a farm raising cows and two farm buildings to produce chicken eggs. “I came here 13 years ago… I owned two farm buildings producing chicken eggs. I owned the buildings and I contracted with company to produce chicken eggs” said Nao Yia Thao.