Special Coverage on 2013 Hmong National Development Conference in Fresno, CA


Hmong Report, an affiliates News with SHIBC News, covered 2013 Hmong National Development (HND) Conference in Fresno, California on April 6, 2013.
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The theme for the 2013 HND conference is “The Journey Forward”.   Quote from HND site about the theme: The theme, “The Journey Forward: The Next Chapter of Hmong Americans” was chosen because the community is at a critical juncture. Census 2010 data reveals that across race and ethnic groups, Hmong have some of the highest poverty rates and lowest educational attainment rates in the country. While many in the community have risen to positions of leadership and success, the majority of the community continues to struggle. Census data also shows that almost 50% of the Hmong community is under the age of 18.

If we do not take a critical look at the current state of the community and proactively discuss how to advance, the future of the Hmong community will be greatly under-educated and highly impoverished. Something must change.

Guided by this year’s theme, the 16th HNDC’s three key priorities are to:

1) Dialogue about current and anticipated issues and challenges facing the community in order to identify key issues in policy, programming and research

2) Share the latest research, best practices, and developments from multiple sectors in order to forecast future trends

3) Discuss action steps on how to advance the community at both local and national levels

Feedback from some of the attendees that they would like to see HND to hold its conference with free admission or low admission fee so more Hmong students, parents, and Hmong representatives could afford to participate.

Majority of the participants were students from Universities and High school.

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