Students at the Prairie Seeds Academy experienced a trip to China


SUAB HMONG NEWS (01/26/2016) — Hmong students at the Prairie Seeds Academy School went to China to experience and expose to Hmong life and visited important places.
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a0CLICK HERE to watch Suab Hmong News (Neng Xiong) exclusive interview the Prairie Seeds Academy’s students and faculty on their trip to China.

Choua Yang, Principle at the Prairie Seeds Academy, said Prairie Seeds Academy offered elective class to student to learn how to speak and write Hmong and learn the Hmong Culture starting grade 6th to 12th.  The students who took the elective classes wanted to get expose to the Hmong life and culture in China.

“The senior students, who took the elective Hmong class, and teacher Yang proposed a trip to China to learn more about the Hmong life and culture and we make the decision to go head if the students could share the costs of the trip because it’s very important for them to learn and get expose to the Hmong culture” said Choua Yang.

Watch Suab Hmong News exclusive interview the students and the faculty to get the full insight story from their trip to China.

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