Suab Hmong Broadcasting Exclusive interview Dr. Xa Xiong “The Impossible Dream”

 SUAB HMONG NEWS (05/26/2016) – Suab Hmong History program (Suab Hmong History program is a program of Suab Hmong Broadcasting) exclusive interviewed Dr. Xa Xiong on some of his personal profile and his latest book title “The Impossible Dream”.
CLICK HERE to watch Suab Hmong History for the full insight interview with Dr. Xa Xiong.
Note.  This exclusive interview with Dr. Xa Xiong discussed some of his personal life since a child through his adult life included how he went through times to get his two Doctoral Degrees.  We hope this interviewed will  inspire some of you for higher education.
Dr. Xa Xiong holds two Doctoral degrees in the Medical field, Chiropractic and Medical.  He is a board certified family physician in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.  He is currently licensed to practice medicine in the State of Wisconsin and he is affiliated with Holy Family Memorial hospital in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.
Dr. Xiong’s latest book titled “The Impossible Dream” is available at Amazon.  Click on the photo below to get to the Amazon site.