Suab Hmong Broadcasting opens more Facebook pages/group to accommodate the Hmong Community


SUAB HMONG NEWS — Suab Hmong broadcasting opens more Facebook pages and group to accommodate the Hmong Community to stay on top of the latest news and to voice their comments and share ideas on their perspectives on the Hmong Community.

SUAB HMONG NETWORK. This is a public group open to the public to share the latest news, ideas, and etc… We requested that all members in this group must have true photo and use their real names. The rule and regulation posted on the top of the group.
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SUAB HMONG NEWS. This is a Facebook Page extended from the SUAB HMONG BROADCASTING Facebook. It contains the latest news and entertainment.

SUAB HMONG ENTERTAINMENT. This is a Facebook Page for all Suab Hmong Entertainment.

SUAB HMONG RADIO.  This is a Facebook Page for all Suab Hmong Radio program and latest news.  Suab Hmong Radio programs host by Victor M. Vaj and Pao Lee Vang.

Our original Facebook account SUAB HMONG BROADCASTING is our main Facebook account that we use to interact with all of Suab Hmong fans around the world.

Below are our News Correspondents’ personal Facebook and you could send private message or chat with them at anytime:

Richard Wanglue Vang, Executive Producer

Victor M. Vaj, Radio TalkShow and News Correspondent

Neng Xiong, News Correspondent

Kang Yee Vang, News Correspondent

Paolee Vang, Radio TalkShow and News Correspondent. He also the manager for Suab Hmong Broadcasting – Minnesota Branch.

To contact us for all related news, call to our main office phone number 224-333-1132 or write to our email at

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