Suab Hmong Broadcasting will celebrate the 40 Years Hmong in America at 2015-16 NW AR & NE OK Hmong New Year on 10/31 and 11/01/2015


SUAB HMONG NEWS (10/23/2015) — Suab Hmong Broadcasting News team will be covering and hosting an entertainment at the 2015-16 NW AR & NE OK Hmong New Year celebration on Saturday 10/31/2015 and 11/01/2015 at BentonVille, Arkansas, to celebrate and remembering the 40 Years Hmong in America.

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More than 15 Hmong singers and Hmong and none Hmong dancer groups are scheduled to perform with Suab Hmong Entertainment to celebrate the 40 Years Hmong in America. 
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This special event program will be broadcasted to Suab Hmong fans around the world to see the week after the event at the Suab Hmong News Channel on Youtube

The following are the Hmong singers:
Tupao Xiong, Ther Yang, Shillbe Lor, Michael Vang, Melissa Lee, Lasia Xiong, Kong Yang, Kong Vue, Dolly Moua, Cher Thao, Joua Xiong, Padi Yang, Sukie Lee, Naly Lor, Absee Yang.
Plus many more…

Sponsors for Suab Hmong Enteratinment to celebrate 40 Years Hmong in America:
Highland Home Healthcare (Milwaukee, WI)
W AR & NE OK Hmong New Year
Shoshiana Design (Little Rock, AR)
Suab Hmong News (Milwaukee, WI)
John Yia Vang (Milwaukee, WI)
Pao Moua Xiong (Milwaukee, WI)
Xab Mab Qus Sounds System, Kor Xiong (Hmong Wisconsin Radio) (Appleton, WI)

Special thanks to the NW AR & NE OK Hmong New Year committee to make this special event possible.

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