Suab Hmong E-News exclusive interview the casting crew of Dua Hre Ib Nplooj Siab


Qu Kue, Reporter for Suab Hmong News, exclusive interviewed the casting crew of a Hmong movie “Dua Hre Ib Nplooj Siab” scheduled to be released in July 4, 2014.

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The casting crew of “Dua Hre Ib Nplooj Siab” will be at the 2013-14 Minnesota Hmong New Year to showcase the movie and meet the Hmong community.

“I would like everyone to come out and support us and our production “Hmoob YaKiab”… and I think this movie is a good movie for everyone… if you are at the Hmong New Year, stop by our boot and say Hi to me and the casting crew… come take photo with us to keep in memory” said Leng Yang, Leading Actor.

“The movie will be released around July 4, 2014… we would like to show it at theatre before release it to the public…” said Xue Vang, Director/Producer.