SUAB HMONG HISTORY: One on one with ChaYia Lee; reflecting 40 Years Hmong in America


SUAB HMONG NEWS (03/07/2016) — Suab Hmong History had an exclusive interview one on one with ChaYia Lee (Tsav Yias Lis) to reflect the 40 Years Hmong in America and some highlight of his biography.
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a0CLICK HERE to watch Suab Hmong History program one on one with ChaYia Lee, reflecting 40 Years Hmong in America and highlight some of his biography.

ChaYia Lee best known his role for written play scripts and hosted Lao Lum Phao Radio in Long Tieng, Laos before 1975. “I wrote the play of “Kab Yeeb” and “Nkauj Hnub” and I played the leading character “Kab Yeeb” on the play” said ChaYia Lee.

With his experienced working on the radio and managed many plays in Laos, he continued to gather people to play in bands in the refugee camps in Thailand.   “At Nam Phong camp, we did not have anything to do so I formed a band to play music then some of the people played in the band left to the third country. We used wood to create drum and play guitar with it. When I arrived in Vinai refugee camp, I formed another band there” said ChaYia Lee.

Watch Suab Hmong History program on the Suab Hmong News Channel to get the full insight interview of ChaYia Lee.

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