Suab Hmong News: Nao Shoua Xiong Held Hmong Culture Ceremony for Wausau City Mayor Jim Tipple


April 28, 2012, Nao Shoua Xiong, a Hmong Community Leader in Wausau, held a blessing Hmong Culture Ceremony for Wausau Mayor Jim Tipple as he begins his third term.

Click here to watch Suab Hmong News Exclusive interviewed Nao Shoua Xiong and Jim Tipple with other News from the Hmong community.

News program included:
1. Interviewed Nao Shoua Xiong, a Hmong community leader in Wausau
2. Interviewed Wausau Mayor Jim Tipple{sidebar id=1}
3. Interviewed Attorney Sia Lo, President of LoPha Society
4. Interviewed Lais Lee, a producer rep from Payeng Race Up Production based in Thailand, for the latest movie about Hmong “Blood for Freedom”
5. Ahead programs announcement

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