Suab Hmong News: Soul Release for PaNhia Vue with Domestic Violence Prevention


A Hmong traditional Soul Release held for PaNhia Vue with Domestic Violence prevention in Wausau, Wisconsin on September 7, 2013.  

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Panhia Vue and Ying Xiong married in the Hmong tradition in March of 2012. Panhia Vue was killed on June 9, 2013 at her rented home in Altoona, Wisconsin. Her body was dragged into a shed at her backyard, and the upper part of her body was found burned.

Ying Xiong was arrested on June 13, 2013 and is now in custody awaiting a court decision on a murder charge of killing his wife, Panhia Vue, filed by the prosecutor.

Panhia Vue’s body was held at the coroner’s office for autopsy since June 11, 2013. Her body was to be released to the family on July 12, 2013, however, both the Xiong and Vue clans could not come to an agreement on who should hold Vue’s proper Hmong funeral ceremony. Due to the disagreement, both families did not respond to taking charge of Vue’s body. Her body was turned to the local women organization shelter in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, where they held a quick funeral ceremony on August 1, 2013. They then lay her body to rest and buried her in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.
PaNhia is survived by seven children: Yency (20), Shena (18), Chia Kong (17), Kalia (16), Chelsy (8), Gao Hmong (18 months), her mother, Xor Vang; her brother Vang Pao Vue; Sister-in-law; and nieces and nephews.

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