Temple of Hmongism, more detail on its believed


SUAB HMONG NEWS (02/04/2016) — Hmongism is one of the Hmong newly formed religion that is still carrying most of the root believed from the original Hmong traditional religion; it is a modified version from the original Hmong tradictional religion that existed thousands years back and still today.

Its membership grows rapidly in the Hmong community according to YuePheng Xiong, one of the founder of the Temple of Hmongism.

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YuePheng Xiong, one of the founder of the Temple of Hmongism, said that his group have been doing extensive researched for all aspects of the believed of the original Hmong traditional religion so modifications can be made to simplify and eliminate parts of its core believed.

“The core of the believed is still the same as the original Hmong traditional religion except that we eliminated and shorten many parts of it to make it more easy to follow” said YuePheng Xiong.

YuePheng Xiong continued said that the word “Hmongism” means in Hmong “kev cai dab qhua Hmoob”.

Total of 41 families became member of the Hmongism at the time of our (Suab Hmong News) interviewed.

To get more detail info on the Hmongism, contact YuePheng Xiong at 651-338-7443.

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