Thai New Year 2013 best known for its water festival


Bangkok, Thailand — The weather was very humid and hot during the songkran festival also known as Thai New Year in Thailand.

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Thai New Year also known as Songkran festival begins April 13 every year in Thailand and the same in Laos.

The best place to celebrate Thai Songkran festival is in Chiangmai. Thousands and thousands of tourists from other countries were heading up to Chiangmai every year for the Thai Songkran. During the Thai Songkran in Chiangmai, most of the streets in the downtown in the inner city area were blocked and the river runs through the city were cleaned and allow fresh water to runs through it about a month or two prior to the festival to allow people to use the water for the water festival.

Richard Wanglue Vang, Anchor for SHIBC News, was in Thailand during the Thai New Year and said that the weather in 2013 is really hot and warm.