Thai “Nok Lae” band apologizes to the Hmong Community on Thai TV3


BANGKOK, THAILAND (SHB) – February 19, 2015, members and the manager of the Thai “Nok Lae” band issued apologize to the Hmong Community on the Thai TV3 Channel regarded to the manager of the band talked about Hmong never take showers and Hmong never wash their clothes on one of the Thai TV3 Channel’s program broadcasted on January 31, 2015.
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a0Click here to watch Suab Hmong News updated the latest development of the Thai “Nok Lae” band conflicted with the Hmong community.

“Sorry… Sorry… for what happened. Thanks for the Hmong community to forgive us and understand our situation. We wanted the Hmong community to forgive us so we could go back to love one another as in the past…“said one female member of the band.

Suab Hmong News from the United States plays a major role on spreading its online news from the United States to Hmong communities around the world.  On a Thai article “The statement added that the video of show has been widely circulated and criticized among Hmong communities around the world, especially after a Hmong TV channel in the United States picked up the issue.”

Richard Wanglue Vang, Owner, News Anchor, and Executive Producer for Suab Hmong News in the United States, said “We received many emails and calls from Hmong individuals and representatives around the world regarded to this particular incident that they wanted the Thai “Nok Lae” band to go on the Thai TV3 Channel to issue their apology to the Hmong community.   I am glad the band did what they did to ease the negative message the band sent to the Hmong community around the world.”

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