The 36TH Annual Hmong Freedom Celebration ended smoothly compare to last year

SUAB HMONG NEWS (07/05/2016) – The 36th Annual Hmong Freedom Celebration or best known as Hmong J4 held from July 2nd to 3rd, 2016 at COMO Park, St. Paul, MN.
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The event’s main attractions included soccer, volley ball, Flag Football, Miss Hmong Teen International, takraw, and Top spin competition.  
“An estimated of 23,000 spectators on the first day based on the door admission” said Christopher Vang, Public Relation for Lao Family Community of Minnesota.
Christopher Vang continue said vendors at the event were less than last year.  He said the reason for the less Vendors this year may be due to the latest conflicted lawsuit between the Trustee of the Lao Family Foundation and the board of Lao Family Community of Minnesota.
Members of the Lao Veterans of Minnesota worked as security at all the gates.
“There is no problem at all in all entry gates this year so far” said Pangma Thao, President of Lao Veterans of Minnesota.
The sports competition included teams from California, Michigan, Wisconsin, and other States.
“Total all sport competitions this year included 30 youth soccer teams, 13 senior soccer teams, 4 women soccer teams, 21 men flag football teams, 8 women flag football teams, 17 top spins “Tuj Lub” teams, and 10 takraw teams” said Cheng Lor, Sport Coordinator.
There were six Miss Hmong age from 14 to 17 competed in the Miss Hmong Teen International.
Miss Kaj lug Yaj won the title of Miss Hmong Teen International for the next two years.   Hmong Freedom Celebration holds the Miss Hmong Teen International competition once every two year.