The Hmong Community in Siskiyou County sued Siskiyou County for voting discrimination

Photo courtesy of KTVLNEWS.COM.
SUAB HMONG NEWS (09/20/2016) — The situation between Siskiyou County Sheriff and the Hmong community in the Siskiyou County about voting discrimination has been on the news since early 2016.
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The following article appeared on the KTVLNEWS on 09/19/2016 for the latest development of the situation.
Siskiyou County sued by the Hmong Community
SISKIYOU COUNTY, Cal. – The Hmong Community speaks out about feeling discriminated in the Siskiyou County community. The Hmong community is suing the Siskiyou County over alleged voting discrimination.
Resident Howard Thao says he felt intimidated when voting this past June.
Lawyer Randolph Daar, who is representing ten Hmong people, say deputies with armed rifles told Hmong residents if they vote they will go to jail.
“I’m scared. Probably the sheriff’s will come stop me too, that’s why I’m scared,” Howard Thao said.
After several phone calls, Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office did not respond. We also contacted the Secretary of State and the Election Clerk, but they tells us no one is allowed to comment due to pending litigation.
The lawsuit was filed last week. There is no court date scheduled yet.
Stay tune for the latest development of the case right here on the Suab Hmong News website.