THING TO KNOW: Lao authority captured 20 suspects imported illegal weapons into Laos


VIENTIANE, LAOS (March 4, 2016) — Lao authority in Vientiane province captured 20 suspects involved importing illegal weapons into Laos.

From June 2015 to November 24, 2015, Lao authority captured 12 suspects and on November 28, 2015, Lao authority captured 8 suspects, total of 20 suspects; 9 suspects are women and 11 are men. The 9 suspets women are Thai citizen.

Lao authority found 28 different weapons with the 20 suspects they captured. The weapons found included 17 long pistol type, 11 short pistol type, 24 grenades, 700 different type of ammunitions, and more included 119 tablets of amphetamine.

Lao authority’s investigation is in progress to capture the remaining suspects who involved in this illegal network.