Tou Xiong is running for Maplewood City Council


SUAB HMONG NEWS — A Kick-Off Fundraiser event held on June 26, 2016 in St. Paul, Minnesota to officially kick-off Tou Xiong’s campaign for Maplewood City Council.

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Tou Xiong said he graduated his Law Degree and he wanted to run for the Maplewood City Council.

“Last month I won the DFL endorsement to run for City Council for the City of Maplewood so we prepared this fundraiser to let the public know where we are at on our campaign” said Tou Xiong.

Below are taken from Tou Xiong campaign website:

Meet Tou Xiong:
Tou Xiong is a Minnesota native, born and raised in St. Paul. He has been a resident of Maplewood for over12 years. Tou is a graduate from William Mitchell College of Law. He has a Bachelors of Arts in Economics from St. Cloud State University. Tou worked for the Policy & Community Development Division in the Minnesota Housing Financial Agency. He also worked for Minnesota Legal Aid and the Public Health Law Center. Tou serves as a Trustee on the Ramsey County Library Board of Directors. Tou also serves as a Member of the Senate District 53 Executive Committee.

Tou’s parents were refugees from Laos. Tou has 4 younger brothers, 3 sisters and 3 brother-in-laws. He is the oldest son. He has 3 nieces and 1 nephew.

I have been a DFLer for the past 8 years working on campaigns and DFL outreach coordination. I serve on the DFL Senate District 53 executive committee since 2014.

I will bring public service and dedication to the the City of Maplewood as City Councilperson. I am currently a Ramsey County Library Board Member, serving the eastern suburban county libraries.

I will bring youth and energy to the City of Maplewood and City Hall. I am 24 years old, and I am very excited about serving the City of Maplewood to capitalize on the renewed Minnesota economy and to maintain the communal nature of our great city.

For more info on Tou Xiong, visit his website at

Watch Suab Hmong News coverage of Tou Xiong’s kick-off fundraiser event to get the full insight of Tou Xiong.