Traditional and Culture: Ethnic Hmong famous for unique earrings


By Pham Ngoc Bang . Ethnic women in the northwest region are famous for their unique earrings which are traditional forms of art.

For women in the northwest, jewelry, especially earrings, play an important part in their life. Jewelry is not only for fashion but also for showing their personality, their class, and even a mysterious weapon to defend themselves from devils and prevent illnesses.

Women of the ethnic Hmong people usually wear earrings made from white silver. There are many made from aluminum for those with a small budget.

Earrings have various sizes and shapes including question marks, spirals, circles, crescents and more.

Patterns carved on the rings are usually 5-petal flowers, bird, and other geometries. They also decorate the rings with flowers or farming tools.

Those with big earrings are considered healthy and hardworking. During special occasions like festivals, all women wear the biggest earrings they can.

Admire some of the unique and beautiful earrings of ethnic Hmong women: