Travel 2017: EP2 – Leaving Vientiane to Phongsavanh

Traveling in Laos - Hmong "Lwm Qaib" ceremony.

SUAB HMONG TRAVEL (05/03/2018) – We left Vientiane to Phongsavanh on November 18, 2017.  The goal was to be at Phongsavanh for the opening of the 2017-18 Hmong New Year celebration.

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Renting a van in Laos costs $40.00 per day.  This included a driver.  Gas, foods, and lodging for the driver are extra so the total cost per day is about $60.00.

We rented two vans to accommodate eleven people traveling.

We left Vientiane at about 5:00 A.M. in the morning.  We drove on road 13 going south to Paksan and turn right to go to Phongsavanh.  The total trip from Vientiane to Phongsavanh took around 9 hours.  About 2 and half hour drive on Road 13, we reached a historical areas where many Hmong lost their lives from 1977 to 1982 while they fled Laos to Thailand to seek political asylum after the LPDR took over Laos.  We stopped and remembering those passed away in the surrounding areas.

Xay Thee Market. On the road to Phongsavanh from Paksan.

On the road to Phongsavanh, We stopped and bought items at mini markets included “Xay Thee” market.  The people sell things on these mini markets are Hmong from the surrounding villages.  There are many beautiful mountains and natures sceneries that you can view from the road.

Some of the transportation in Laos.

November 18, 2017 was Hmong New Year Eve in the Xieng Khouang province and we came to witness one of Hmong culture and tradition ceremony call “Lwm Qaib”.  This ceremony held annually for each clan before the New Year Celebration begin to forget the old year and welcome the New Year with good luck to everyone.

Hmong mini market along the road.

At about 4:00 P.M., we arrived in Phongsavanh.  Stay tune for our next episode which will take you to see the early morning market in Phongsavanh and the first day of Hmong New Year.