Tswv Chao Vang Center offers free spaces for the Hmong Community to hold meeting and gathering


SUAB HMONG NEWS (11/15/2016) — Tswv Chao Vang Center (TCVC), located at 11010 W. Hampton Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53225, held its grand opening on November 14, 2019 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Its main program is the Adult Day Care Center.   It also offers free spaces for the Hmong community and the surrounding neighbors to hold meetings and gathering.

CLICK HERE to watch Suab Hmong News exclusive covered the grand opening of the Tswv Chao Vang Center Adult Day Care on November 14, 2019.

Richard C. Vang is the owner and CEO of the TCVC.  “We not only established this agency for the elderly program but for everyone to use.  Anyone from the community and the surrounding neighbor can use the space to hold meeting and gathering.  We will provide free Tax service during the Tax season and we will have class for citizenship soon” Said Richard C. Vang.

The TCVC provides daily activity programs, transportation, and meal for its adult day care program.  “The daily activities for the adult program included Social, recreational, cultural, physical, and educational” said Wacher Vang.

Zong Tze Vang, President of Hmong 18 Council of Wisconsin, said the TCVC is the first agency to offer free of charge spaces for the Hmong community to use for meetings and gathering.  “I am calling the community to come and use the free of charge space for meeting and gathering instead of using their home.  I am calling the community to support the TCVC” said Zong Tze Vang.

Cheu K. Xiong, a Hmong Community Leader in Milwaukee, said the TCVC is the first center for the Milwaukee Hmong Community.  “There is no one that created such a center and offer free spaces for people to use.  This is really good model for our community” said Chue K. Xiong.

Elected public officials from the areas including Tom Barret, Mayor of City of Milwaukee, participated the grand opening.

For more information, call 414-988-2503.