Tub Tuam best name known Hmong actor in the Hmong movie Neeg Lub Neej


Hmong movie ‘Neeg Lub Neej’ was the top hit Hmong movie of all time throughout the Hmong community around the world in the 90.  It produced by Star Pictures and directed by Atary Xiong in early 1990.

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to watch Richard Wanglue Vang, News Anchor for SHIBC News, exclusive interviewed ‘Tub Tuam’, the star of the Hmong movie ‘Neeg Lub Neej’.

Below is a summary description of the ‘Neeg Lub Neej’ movie taken from 00starryXing00 on YouTube:
Tub Tuam and Nkauj Ntsum are very much in love and get married. A couple years past and they don’t seem to be able to have children.

When they get tested, Nkauj Ntsum finds out that the problem is with her husband. But she doesn’t want his feelings to get hurt and wants to find a better time to tell him. So she pretends that she’s the reason they can’t have kids.

Tub Tuam’s mom and relatives convince him that he needs to find a new wife so they can have kids and keep their name going. Although he doesn’t want to at first, after hearing that Nkauj Nstum can’t have children, he agrees to look for another person.

Low and behold, he breaks Nkauj Ntsums heart and she leaves him behind. After shes gone, his new wife isnt all he expected her to be AND he finally finds out that hes the reason for their fertility problems. He tries to find Nkauj Ntsum again