U.S. National Defense Forces Support Command’s 30th Years Community Services Celebration


SUAB HMONG NEWS (10/17/2017) – Representatives of the United States Defense Forces Support Command (USNDFSCOM) from around the United States gathered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to celebrate their 30th Years services they provided to the community on October 14, 2017.

CLICK HERE to watch Richard Wanglue Vang special coverage of the USNDFSCOM’s 30th Years Services Celebration on October 14, 2017.

“Today, we celebrate the United States National Defense Force Support Command’s 30th year of serving the community. The United States National Defense Force Support Command was initially formed as an organization in 1987 in response to former and late President Ronald Regan’s order under the National Security Decision Directive Number 259, pursuant to Title 32 USC 109 in 1976; and has been fully incorporated since April 2011 as a Public Education Non-profit with 501(c)3 tax exemption status, and entity composed of trained, experienced, motivated, retired and former members of the Armed Forces, Reserves and National Guard, as well as non-veteran and concerned citizens. The USNDFSCOM organized is a non-militia military style, a top down decision, under the command structure in emergency response to save lives; thus has been providing members and communities with the training and education needed, and serve as eyes and ears for local domestic terrorist threats, natural disasters and other emergency situations” said Richard C. Vang, Commanding General LTG.

Watch the Suab Hmong News for detail of the USNDFSCOM’s report.

Special guests attended the event included Wisconsin Senator Lena Tyler, Wisconsin State Representative Frederick Kessler, A representative from United States Senator Ron Johnson.

A proclamation dated October 14, 2017 from the Mayor of the City of Milwaukee, Tom Barrett presented to the USNDFSCOM.

The representatives of the USNDFSCOM took a bus to tour the Mitchel Doom.

To get more information on the USNDFSCOM, contact USNDFSCOM office in Milwaukee at 414-916-1203 or write to

5626 N 91st St
Milwaukee, WI 53225