United States professional bicycle racer visits Hmong village in Thailand


SUAB HMONG NEWS (01/10/2020) – Aden Thao, professional bicycle racer in the United Stated (a Hmong descendant) visit Hmong students and teachers in Nan province before his invitation to race at Chiang Rai Circuit Race Way Maelao in Chiang Rai.

CLICK HERE to watch Aden Thao testing his motorcycle on the running way track at Chiang Rai Circuit Race Way in Chiang Rai.

Driving more than 5 hours from central Chiang Rai to Ban Don Phai Wan in Nan province, Aden Thao met with Hmong students and teachers.  Thao brought school supplies to help Hmong students and gifts for the teachers and the director of the school.  During Thao’s speech to the students, he courage them to study hard to better their life in the future.

Thao’s scheduled to race in Thailand:

January 12, 2020 at Chiang Rai Circuit Race Way Maelao in Chiang Rai.

January 17, 18, and 19, 2020 at Chang International Circuit in Buriram.

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