UWA event remembering General Vang Pao as an unknown warrior and religion conflicted for Hmong-Vietnamese


(SHB) – UWA stands for Unknown Warrior Association in Thailand held an event on April 4, 2014 in Thailand to recognize and remember Col. Bill Lair, Gen. Vang Pao, and a top rank Thai officer (unknown name) for the Secret War in Laos.

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Wa Xiong, a Hmong-Vietnamese believer in Christianity, escaped from Vietnam to Thailand. He talked about what the Vietnamese government did to him and the Hmong-Vietnam Christian community in Vietnam.

“The Vietnamese government came and destroyed our village and rice fields and said that the way we believed and worship Christ here is the American way so whatever we need for our daily life, they wanted us to ask the American to help us… if we wanted to live in Vietnam then they do not want us to worship Christ…” said Wa Xiong.

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