Viv Ncaus, A Hmong Women’s Giving Circle, Fundraising


Milwaukee, WI — Viv Ncaus, A Hmong Women’s Giving Circle, first fundraising to seek fund to help Hmong women and Hmong girls in the state of Wisconsin held on June 2, 2012 in Milwaukee, WI.

Click here to watch Suab Hmong News exclusive cover Viv Ncaus’s fund raising on June 2, 2012 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Detail on Viv Ncaus from Viv Ncaus FaceBook:
The Viv Ncaus Fund; A Hmong Women’s Giving Circle is the first Hmong women’s giving circle in the state of Wisconsin. It was developed through the Women’s Fund of Greater Milwaukee, with the following founding members:{sidebar id=1}
Chai Moua (Steven’s Point, WI)
Kabzuag Vaj (Madison, WI)
Maytong Chang (Milwaukee, WI)
Nor Yang (Milwaukee, WI)
Pa Vang (Milwaukee, WI)
Tammie Xiong (Milwaukee, WI)

The group was initiated in November 22, 2010.

MISSION STATEMENT: The Hmong Women’s Giving Circle’s mission is to support innovative, community-based efforts that challenge the root causes of gender inequality and creative social change for all Hmong people who identify as women and girls.

Guiding Principles:
-We want to improve the lives of Hmong women and girls.
-We believe all Hmong women and girls have the right to equality, safety, opportunity, and self-determination.
-The grant process we create support organizations and grassroots efforts run by and for Hmong women and girls.
-All grants will be accessible for all Hmong women and girls with different backgrounds through various modes of communication which can include but are not limited to: audio-taped testimonies and requests, video-recorded requests, Skyping, hand-written responses, etc.,

-Social Change: supporting efforts that have an impact on societal attitudes and behaviors, or result in needed systematic change that contributes to the advancement of Hmong women and girls.
-Respect: committing to a strong belief in each individual worth and dignity of Hmong women and girls
-Sisterhood: building kinship include Hmong women and girls who are gender queer and gender non-conforming