WaCha Kong Moua, Moua Clan in Wisconsin, sings a Hmong Folk Song to call Hmong to reunite


Milwaukee, WI — WaCha Kong Moua (Vam Tshaj Koob Muas), Moua Clan Leader in Wisconsin, sang a Hmong folk song calling Hmong to reunite at Hmong 18 Clan Council of Wisconsin’s event “Hmong Elements” at John Michael Kohler Art Center in Sheboygan, Wisconsin on August 18, 2012.

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“Because after our leader (General Vang Pao) passed away, the Hmong community does not have a unity anymore… we segregated our self into groups… create problems to one another throughout the United States… That makes me feel very sad…  I am just a Hmong but I love my Hmong people a lot… that’s why I wrote this Hmong folk song and dedicated it to all Hmong leaders and representatives… I am not calling any names but I am calling everyone to reunite and love one another…   collaborate ideas and work together to see if we will have a strong unity community again and will have a solid new leader again… please listen to the words not the sound… “ said WaCha Kong Moua.