What is Lao Family Social Services in Minnesota?


Milwaukee, WI — A newly form organization called “Lao Family Social Services, Inc.” in Minnesota rise many questions to Hmong individuals who lives other states than Minnesota.

Suab Hmong News exclusive interviewed Tou Xiong, Chair for Lao Family Social Services, Inc.  on May 2, 2012 to get some of the questions answered.

video redClick here to watch Suab Hmong News Exclusive interviewed Tou Xiong, Chair for Lao Family Social Services in Minnesota.

“The goal of Lao Family Social Services is to expand its services to cities that have Hmong lives in…to serve the Hmong Community instead of creating issues…” said Tou Xiong, Chair of Lao Family Social Service.{sidebar id=1}

Tou Xiong continued said that “The main reason we started this organization began January 6… that the new board of Lao Family Community did not allow us to use its place to hold the special event to pay respect to General Vang Pao who passed away a year ago…”.

Tou Xiong hopes that now the two organizations will compete for their services and that will make the organizations to enhance and make their services better for the Hmong community.

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