What is the meaning of “Pov Pob” during the Hmong New Year Celebration?


ST. PAUL, MN (SHB) – Why Hmong tossing ball “Pov Pob” between two persons during the Hmong New Year celebration? Many of us are wondering the reasons behind it. Well, now we all know the reason of it and it maybe it for the reason behind it.

Click here to watch Suab Hmong News covered Mr. and Mrs. Zongkai Moua given their speech on “Love Story” at the Hmong Museum Initiative Group event in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Mr. Zongkai Moua said the reason for Hmong tossing ball “Pov Pob” especially between a man and a woman in both good way and harsh way during the Hmong New Year is to test his/her physical motions how he/she walks, acts, the ways he/she handling things, how patient the other person has toward things, and etc…

“Tossing ball during the Hmong New Year is a communication between two people in a way of judging the way he/she likes” said Zongkai Moua.