Yer Yang looks back on her four years serving the Hmong 18 Council of Wisconsin


MILWAUKEE, WI (SHB) — March 8, 2015, Victor M. Vaj, host of Victor Vaj Insight show on the Suab Hmong Radio, exclusive interviewed Yer Yang (Ntxawm Yaj), former Vice President of Hmong 18 Council of Wisconsin (HMONG18COFWI), to get her insight experience on serving the HMONG18COFWI for four years.

Click here to watch Victor Vaj exclusive interviewed Yer Yang, former vice president of HMONG18COWI.

Yer Yang said it’s really hard to work with Hmong 18 representatives as a Hmong woman but there were some progress made during her four years serving the HMONG18COFWI. “We be able to get more Hmong women to represent the Hmong community at the HMONG18COFWI…” said Yer Yang.

Yer urges Hmong women and Hmong younger generation to get involve on the HMONG18COFWI.

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