Ying Vang, a Hmong Female Singer from China “Paj Tawg Lag”


Chiangmai, Thailand (SHB) — Ying Vang, a Hmong female singer from China “Paj Tawg Lag”, was at the Chiangmai Hmong New Year Celebration on January 1, 2015.

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to watch Richard Wanglue Vang exclusive interview Ying Vang, a female Hmong singer from China “Paj Tawg Lag”.

Ying Vang said her experienced visiting Thailand is that she sees there are poor and rich Hmongs and she is calling for Hmongs to love one another. “Hmongs in China and Thailand, there are the ones that are rich and the ones that are poor… but everyone must help and love one another… “ said Ying Vang.

Ying Vang would like to visit Hmong in the United States someday.