Young Lao women lured into marry Chinese men in China fall into Human Trafficking


SUAB HMONG NEWS (11/06/2019) — Due to the recent rescued of the four young Lao women who were trafficked to China, the U.S. State Department places Laos on the Tier 2 Watch List in its 2019 “Trafficking in Persons Report”.

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Four young Lao women age 16 to 21 were rescued in August 2019.  Several years ago, they had been tricked by a Chinese-speaking Lao middleman who told them they would be marrying Chinese men to better their life in China.

Lao official stated on the Free Asia Radio that when the four young Lao women arrived in China, their new husbands did not allow them to hold jobs as promised by the middleman.

“They were made to serve their husbands’ families and were not allowed to communicate with outsiders, including their own families,” the official added.

“We do not know how they managed to escape from China, but we just learned that the Chinese embassy in Laos handed the girls to the Lao Women’s Union and the relevant central government security officers transferred them to the provincial authorities,” said the official.

The women’s union official confirmed the details of how they had been trafficked.

“This year, we rescued four girls who were trafficked to China. They were lured to marry Chinese men by a Lao broker who can speak Chinese and their parents gave their consent,” the official said.

“They were easily swayed by the broker to marry the Chinese men because they are poor and needed to make money for their families,” the official added.

Currently the four are at home with their parents helping them work on the family rice farms. Since their rescue, they have been monitored by village authorities who have orders to report if they suddenly go abroad again.

The women’s union official said the case was quite common, and many rural girls and women are lured to China for marriage, travel, or employment, but once there, they fall victim to human trafficking schemes.

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